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Habitat NYC helps our qualified homebuyers along each leg of the journey to ownership. We provide training in how to finance a home, and home and building maintenance skills to prepare buyers for these responsibilities.

Meet the Georges

Candace George, a single mother of two daughters and three sons, found it nearly impossible to cope with the rental apartment they occupied—a one-bedroom, fifth-floor walk-up. Rats were so familiar that the kids gave them names. Candace’s son, Daniel, contracted asthma from black mold in the unit and was frequently rushed to the hospital.

After becoming a Habitat NYC family partner, Candace gladly gave time on weekends to finish her three-bedroom home in Bed-Stuy. The stability the Georges found in their environmentally-friendly home has transformed their lives.

Daniel no longer suffers from asthma; the children are all doing well in school and play safely in their own back yard. The eldest, Soudea, attends Reed College in Oregon on full scholarship. Secure in her own home, Candace hopes one day to become a public interest lawyer.

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Meet other Habitat NYC Family Partners:

Billy and Anna Tsou and their two children will soon move into their first home in Southeastern Queens.

Yvette and her two children moved from a one bedroom apartment with asbestos and pest issues into a spacious, renovated 3-bedroom Habitat NYC condo. 

Regina Graham and her two children live in a small but comfortable Habitat apartment on a safe block in Harlem.

Sam and Esther Ansah and their quadruplets moved from a one-bedroom rental to an energy-efficient Habitat home in the Bronx.

Mike and Gladys Murphy and their three daughters left a one-bedroom rental for a Habitat home in Queens.

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Habitat for Humanity New York City transforms lives by building quality homes with families in need and by uniting all New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing.

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