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A Message From Mildred Davis, a Coney Island Homeowner


Habitat NYC volunteers helped repair Mildred Davis' home after it was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. Following is a letter Ms. Davis wrote to Habitat for Humanity New York City:

To Habitat for Humanity,

Hi, my name is Mildred and I’d like to tell you what Habitat for Humanity has done for me. First off, I would like to personally thank Joshua and John and all the volunteers who gave their time to come and help me. I would also like to thank the plumber, electrician, cabinet makers and everyone else I didn’t mention here.

Habitat for Humanity gave me back my way of life. They gave me back my home which in turn gave me back the feeling of security that I had lost 18 months ago. They put happiness back into my life which I had lost so many months ago. Joshua and John’s assurance of putting my Sandy-damaged house back into living condition finally gave me a feeling of relief that I hadn’t had for many months. When they came into my house for the first time they were so pleasant and friendly. They walked with me from the front of my damaged house to the back of my house and explained everything to me that they would be doing and ask if there was anything I wanted to be done in particular, my input was just as important to them as their input was to me.

They made me a part of what they were doing. That felt really good. And the volunteers, what can I say about the volunteers. They were the most fascinating energetic and generous human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their help, their friendship and their happy conversation. They’ll never know how much their being there for me, giving up their free time to help me really meant to me.

So with all this being said I’d like to say thank you Habitat for Humanity and thank all the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity for your time, your help and your concern for me and I only hope and pray that I can do for someone else what all of you have done for me.

God Bless All of You,
Mildred Davis

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