Investing in New York’s affordable future

We cannot build our way out of the housing crisis – we must preserve New York’s existing stock of affordable housing. While we continue to develop new affordable housing, Habitat for Humanity New York City has also launched a Housing Preservation Program to support, preserve and create more housing than we could through traditional construction alone.

Habitat NYC’s Housing Preservation program is a multi-faceted initiative that assists low- to moderate-income (LMI) New York City homeowners in income-restricted co-operative developments with programs designed to strengthen their ability to remain in their homes. We offer Technical Assistance programs aimed at strengthening boards and stabilizing building operations and our Construction Preservation Services is a fully licensed general contractor that can address the physical needs of a building.

What does the Community Fund do?

The Habitat NYC Community Fund is the critical third piece of our Preservation Program: access to affordable, small-scale financing. The Habitat NYC Community Fund is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). CDFIs are mission-driven financial institutions that are dedicated to providing financial services to meet the needs of economically disadvantaged and underserved communities. CDFIs are certified and regulated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and every CDFI is required to maintain accountability to the community it serves.

The Habitat for Humanity New York City Community Fund is a certified Community Development Financial Institution with the US Department of the Treasury.

Serving New Yorkers

The Community Fund supports LMI New Yorkers by making loans to existing resident-owned multi-family affordable housing developments and nonprofit affordable housing developers.

New York City housing agencies estimate that more than two thousand affordable housing units are at risk of being lost through foreclosure or market-rate deregulation each year. Each unit that goes through a third party transfer or foreclosure process costs the City more than $120,000 of public funding. Not only do the resident-owners lose a stable place to live and the equity in their homes, the public pays a direct cost for each of these lost units.

Income-restricted housing developments may need financing to make capital or green energy improvements- improvements that keep these buildings thriving while reducing costs and conserving resources.  Some developments may be struggling with physical or financial issues. A building might have an unoccupied unit that needs rehab before a new owner-occupant can purchase it, or may have municipal arrears with exorbitant interest rates and penalties.

A low cost, appropriately sized loan from the Community Fund supports these developments and allows them to be sustainable and remain stable, affordable housing for many years to come.

Beyond our work with existing affordable housing developments, the Community Fund lends capital to not-for-profit affordable housing developers, including Habitat for Humanity affiliates across New York State. Small developers may be unable to access the type of credit they need through traditional capital markets, where small loans are unavailable or cost prohibitive.

The Habitat NYC Community Fund is a market-based, sustainable approach to supporting, preserving and creating affordable housing. It is The Community Fund’s goal to support the development or preservation of more than 1,500 units of long-term LMI affordable housing within the next five years.

Investing in the Habitat NYC Community Fund 

An investment in the Habitat NYC Community Fund is an investment in your community. Your socially responsible investment supports the people in our community that would otherwise have limited access to affordable capital.

Investments in the Community Fund may count toward CRA requirements or as a PRI Investment.

To discuss a potential partnership, please contact Dan Fielding at dfielding@habitatnyc.org.



How can my organization borrow from the Community Fund?

The Habitat NYC Community Fund offers products for:

•  Replacement or repair of building systems, rehab projects or major capital improvements
•  Emergencies, including urgent financial and physical conditions
•  Implementation of green building projects (solar panel installation, etc.)
•  Consolidation of municipal arrears (including water, taxes, liens, fines, violations, etc.)
•  Hard and soft costs related to rehab projects
•  Pre-development costs (market studies, architecture, engineering soft costs, etc.) and construction costs for other not-for-profit developers throughout New York State

Depending on the product, the loans can be up to $250,000, short or long-term, and can be subordinated to senior lenders. To discuss a potential loan from the Habitat NYC Community Fund, please contact Charlotte Bell at cbell@habitatnyc.org.



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