Investing in New York City’s Affordable Future

We know we cannot build our way out of New York’s housing crisis – we must preserve the existing stock of affordable housing in order to support our vibrant, hard-working communities across New York State.

In our continued effort to serve as many New Yorkers as possible, Habitat for Humanity New York City has formed the Community Fund. This expansion of our engagement in the housing sector magnifies our impact and ultimately supports, preserves and creates decent, affordable housing for many more New Yorkers than we could through traditional construction alone.

What does the Community Fund do?

The Habitat NYC Community Fund plays an important role in generating economic growth and opportunity in communities that traditionally have limited access to capital. The Community Fund is a loan fund that extends credit to facilitate community development activities – in our case, the development and preservation of affordable housing. Borrowers include organizations that create and preserve affordable housing, as well as existing resident-owned buildings in our community.

Our Community Fund is a vital part of our larger Housing Preservation program. The Fund makes Habitat NYC a more comprehensive organization. Habitat NYC’s mix of capabilities, deployed together, allows us to serve more New Yorkers, in more ways, more effectively.

Why is Habitat NYC undertaking this project?

New York is famous for its variety of affordable housing options, including limited equity co-ops—resident-owned buildings that provide lower-income families with the financial stability that comes with homeownership. The Habitat NYC Community Fund can provide co-op buildings, or even other non-profit housing developers, with working capital that is both more affordable and nimble compared to traditional lending, giving residents the ability to remain in, and thrive in, their homes for years to come.

By leveraging the strength of Habitat NYC’s balance sheet, our brand, and our experience in the preservation and construction of affordable housing, we can provide critical assistance for existing affordable housing and our not-for-profit partners working in this space.

What kind of organizations apply for the Habitat NYC Community Fund? 

The Habitat NYC Community Fund loans funds to resident-owned affordable buildings looking to make improvements to their buildings. These low-interest loans will keep these buildings thriving.

In addition, the Community Fund can serve resident-owned buildings whose financials have become overwhelmed with debts from violations, water or sewer bills, deferred maintenance or lack of income from unoccupied units. With limited or no options to pay off the arrears and stabilize financially, these buildings could be forced into marketsales, eventually pushing out current, longtime residents in otherwise stable financial situations.

We will also provide capital to other not-for-profit housing developers, including Habitat for Humanity affiliates across New York, who build and preserve affordable housing in their own communities. This capital, coupled with our experience in construction and technical assistance, provides the opportunity and the tools for these buildings and developers to serve as many hard-working New Yorkers as possible.

How can institutions get involved? 

Your investment in the Community Fund will help many organizations across the affordable housing and lending sectors. Community Fund investments can count toward CRA requirements and build a better community for all New Yorkers.

Together, we can create real change and stabilize low-income communities.

To invest in the Habitat NYC Community Fund, email Dan Fielding at dfielding@habitatnyc.org.

How can individuals help the Community Fund?

Individuals can donate specifically to the Community Fund. Your dollar will be transformed, not just into affordable housing, but into the potential energy of an entire community as they raise themselves up, growing stronger together. A donation to the Habitat NYC Community Fund is more than an investment in our Community Fund, it’s an investment in New York.

For more information about how you can help, email Julia Diegel at jdiegel@habitatnyc.org.

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