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ReStore donations are tax deductible, and a charitable donation tax receipt will be issued at the time of donation.

Drop-off at the ReStore
You can bring your material donations to our ReStore anytime we’re open.

Corporate Donations
Would your business be interested in donating in-kind materials to Habitat NYC’s ReStore? To learn more, please call 646-876-9460 or email restore@habitatnyc.org.


Please note: Donation criteria list is subject to change.  Some donations may be declined due to safety concerns, facility limitations or marketability.

Appliances: All appliances must be in 100% working order and must be clean with all knobs present.  Please include any owners' manuals if you have them, as they add value to your donation.  

Air Conditioners: Window units. Less than 7 years old

Stoves: Gas or Electric, less than 7 years old

Cook Top/Range: Gas or Electric, less than 5 years old

Washer & Dryer: Gas or Electric, Stackable or Separate, less than 10 years old

Dishwashers: We are prohibited by Federal Law from selling dishwashers.

Refrigerators: Stainless steel or white only.  Less than 10 years old.  No harvest gold, avocado green, brown

Flooring: All flooring must be in original manufacturer’s boxes.  
Wall tile Min. 100 sq ft.  
Floor tile Min. 300 sq ft.  
Hardwood floor Min. 500 sq ft.  
Carpeting: Min.12’x12’, new only
Area Rugs: new only

Cabinets: We prefer kitchen cabinets as a complete set, but will take individual cabinets, depending on the type of cabinet and current inventory.  Whenever possible, cabinetry should include all hardware pieces and shelving.  New & Used OK, with or without countertops, no metal cabinets.
Countertops: NEW ONLY.  Straight sections only with no holes. Minimum 8’ length.

Tools: (must be in working condition, with charger if applicable)
•    Hand Tools (Hammer, Screwdriver, Measuring Tape, T-Square, Pliers, Wrenches, Saws, Sawhorses, Socket & Bits set)
•    Power Tools: Drills/Screw Gun/Impact Driver, Nail Gun, Saws (bandsaw, chainsaw, circular saw, chop saw, Jigsaw, Miter saw, reciprocating saw/Sawz-All/Sabre saw, table saw, Sanders, Tile/Brick Cutter), Sanders (belt sander, floor sander, orbital sander)
•    Outdoor Tools: Lawn Mower, Weed Wacker, Power Washer, rakes, shovels

Furniture: All furniture must be clean & cosmetically attractive (no rips, no tears, no stains, no pet damage).
•    Upholstered: only from retailers/dealers, or floor models from furniture stores
•    Hardwood: Tables (dining room, bedside), Dressers, Bedframes, Coffee/End Tables, Bookshelves. We will accept children’s furniture (e.g. small tables, chairs) but we cannot accept cribs.
•    Office Furniture: Please call prior to donating Office Furniture.  Must be assessed beforehand by a ReStore Staff Member.  

Lighting: Hanging Chandeliers, Floor/Table Lamps if lamp shade is in good condition.

Electrical Supplies: 110V & 220 V Wire, switches, switch plates, junction boxes, fuses, breakers, connectors, conduit

Fans: We accept Ceiling Fans and Box Fans if they are complete and in working condition only.

Doors: We accept doors if they are in good, usable condition. They must not have holes, cracks, rot.   Interior, exterior, wood, steel, sliding glass, French, Patio, Security.  NO flat panel hollow core doors.

Hardware: Hinges, cabinet handles, door knobs, bolts, lock sets with key only.

Nails & Screws: Must be in a manufacturers package with size specifications to be accepted

Mirrors: Mirrors must be framed and intact to be accepted.  No chips, no cracks.

Paint: UNOPENED, LATEX PAINT ONLY. Liquid latex paint (no dry or solid paint) in original container with original label attached.

Plumbing: Copper, PVC and ABS fittings all OK Pipe, copper black, galvanized and PVC & ABS
Sinks: Bathroom and Kitchen, Stand-alone or Undermounted. No chips, no stains, no rust marks.

Toilets: We accept toilets only if they are in working condition and are the low flush (1.6 gallon) type. They must be clean!! We will not take a dirty toilet under any circumstance.  Low Flow ONLY (1.6L) No chips, must be clean.

Tubs: Fiberglass bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs.  No chips and no rust stains, must be clean.

Hot Tub/Jacuzzi: NEW ONLY. Must include motor if applicable.

Windows: Thermo pane or double insulated glass. No storm windows. No windows older than 5 years. Prefer new windows.

Window Coverings: blinds (no metal), shades or drapes – no rips, no stains

Autos & Trucks (running or not): Click here to visit our Cars for Homes webpage


Due to new federal regulations we can no longer accept plumbing items that deliver potable water. Products subject to this law include: pipes, fittings, and fixtures that may provide water for human consumption (drinking, teeth brushing, food preparation). This restriction includes kitchen and bathroom sink faucets, and water heaters along with the plumbing fittings that lead to these items.
•    Kitchen faucets
•    Bathroom sink faucets
•    Dishwashers (these items will be picked up, but recycled – not sold)
•    Water heaters
•    Furnaces
•    Pipes and pipe fittings leading to theses faucets/appliances 

•    Household Electronics: TV’s, DVD players, VCR’s, computer monitors/towers, keyboard/mouse, printers, faxes
•    OPENED cans of paint, or unopened paint which is not Low VOC
•    Lumber, Railings, mantels, moldings
•    Sheetrock
•    Mattresses OR Box-Springs
•    Clothing
•    Vinyl Siding
•    Cribs
•    Swingsets or playground equipment
•    Pianos/Organs
•    Trampolines
•    Pools (above or below ground)
•    Garage Doors
•    Weapons
•    Hazardous Materials:
*Hazardous is defined as anything that poses substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment. Any substance that is ignitable/flammable, reactive, corrosive or toxic can be deemed hazardous waste, including: pesticides, acids (e.g. battery, muriatic, boric), items that contain mercury (e.g. CFL bulbs), household cleaning products, fuels and oils.

Information Regarding Tax & Donations*

Donors are advised that if they wish to take a tax deduction on a gift they have donated, the Internal Revenue Service has regulations for filing tax-deductible contributions valued at $250 or more.

If the value of the donation is greater than $5,000, an independent appraisal is required and Habitat NYC staff is required to sign the IRS Form 8283 acknowledging receipt of the gift.  Please see online instructions for completing IRS Form 8283. Donors are asked to present the appraisal and completed IRS Form 8283 to Habitat NYC at the time of the gift.

The following appraisal groups are non-profit and require “Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” among their membership:

•    Appraisers Association of America
•    American Society of Appraisers
•    International Society of Appraisers

*Please be advised that the foregoing is not meant to be construed as tax advice. Each taxpayer's situation is different from others. You should contact a tax professional for specific advice relevant to your particular situation.  For additional information, see IRS Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property; IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions; and other related IRS Publications.


Habitat for Humanity New York City transforms lives by building quality homes with families in need and by uniting all New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing.

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