Individual opportunities

GROUP opportunities

Corporate Team

Do something that’s personally rewarding and share a bonding experience with your co-workers.

Community &
Faith Groups

Your community group or congregation can help us work to promote housing justice. All faiths are welcome, always.

School &

Our youth programs inspire young people ages 5–25 to share our vision of a world where everyone has safe, affordable housing.

  • Each year, we celebrate the volunteers who most exemplified the spirit and ethic of Habitat NYC in 2019. This year's Habby Award recipients come from all different walks of life, including law, finance, teaching, health care—and high school! Their dedication has greatly advanced our mission of building affordable housing for New York City families.

  • “I like the flexibility my job at Endeavor affords me, but knowing I’m making a difference at ReStore is what really drives me,” Ben says. "It’s nice to know I’m contributing to the lives of families across New York.”
    Ben W.
    ReStore Volunteer

  • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Painting a senior center, helping out at a build site, supporting social functions, stuffing envelopes and talking to donors, it all was completely rewarding, and I gained much, much more than I gave.”
    Alex L.
    Office Volunteer

  • “People should get out there and volunteer!” Paul says, “There’s a lot of retired people out there… even if you volunteer one day a month; that would be phenomenal.”
    Paul M.
    Construction Crew Leader

  • “It’s such a good learning experience for both of us,” said Ayesha. “It allows us to spend time together and do something as a mom and daughter team, which is harder and harder these days.”
    Ayesha, Elan and Summer B.
    ReStore Superstars


Habitat volunteers build more than homes