Individual opportunities

GROUP opportunities

Corporate Team

Do something that’s personally rewarding and share a bonding experience with your co-workers.

Community &
Faith Groups

Your community group or congregation can help us work to promote housing justice. All faiths are welcome, always.

School &

Our youth programs inspire young people ages 5–25 to share our vision of a world where everyone has safe, affordable housing.

  • “I like the flexibility my job at Endeavor affords me, but knowing I’m making a difference at ReStore is what really drives me,” Ben says. "It’s nice to know I’m contributing to the lives of families across New York.”
    Ben W.
    ReStore Volunteer

  • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Painting a senior center, helping out at a build site, supporting social functions, stuffing envelopes and talking to donors, it all was completely rewarding, and I gained much, much more than I gave.”
    Alex L.
    Office Volunteer

  • “People should get out there and volunteer!” Paul says, “There’s a lot of retired people out there… even if you volunteer one day a month; that would be phenomenal.”
    Paul M.
    Construction Crew Leader

  • “It’s such a good learning experience for both of us,” said Ayesha, “and it’s such a good learning experience for both of us. It allows us to spend time together and do something as a mom and daughter team, which is harder and harder these days.”
    Ayesha, Elan and Summer B.
    ReStore Superstars


Habitat volunteers build more than homes